Let’s be a legacy creator with your TRUTH message for 2020

i-PLAY TRUE Torch Relay- Write, Collect, and Relay for Legacy!

"i-PLAY TRUE Torch Relay" is the legacy project for Tokyo2020 Games.
Unite together to embrace the values of sport underlying the Anti-Doping Movement!
Your passion in sport, true spirit of sport inside you, or the value of true sport you wish to carry for the future…
PLEASE share your message and photo!
"TRUTH" messages from all over the world will meet in 2020 and be transformed into "ART" as legacy.

Aiming to collect 202020 "Truth" messages from all over the world, Join us with your message and photos!
Your message will create the future of sport.
#iplaytrue #playtrue2020

Request Form

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#iplaytrue #playtrue2020

※Please be advised that some messages, pictures, and movies may not be displayed due to the policy.

※Any postings considered as a profitable or promotional objectives as well as a religious or political shall be eliminated when found.

HOW to do
  • "TRUTH" Message

    Think and write your "TRUTH" in sport!

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  • Filter Pose

    "Filter Pose" is symbolizing the TRUTH inside yourself.
    Be creative for the pose!

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  • Relaying Action

    Relaying action in any form!
    Your sport,dancing, any style!

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Torch Relay

"TRUTH" Message

Write what you value in sport, what true lesson you learned from sport and cherish inside you, what you love about sport, or what value of sport matter in society - everything you feel in/through sport.

As a supporter of "i-PLAY TRUE Torch Relay," you can collect as many messages as possible by using the message poster or you can personally send your TRUTH message via social media (add #iplaytrue #playtrue2020).

<Where to activate>
・Sport-related event
・Seminar for athletes
・Education-related event/activity
・School/Community activity
・International/Intercultural event etc

<How to apply>
Send "Request Form" for the message poster template.
The legacy poster design data will be sent to you after confirming your registration details.
"Request Form" is jumped to JADA website.
※You can post your message on Instagram (#iplaytrue #playtrue2020).
※Please be advised that your request may not be accepted depending on the content of Request Form

Request Form

Instagram Instagram iplaytruetorchrelay
#iplaytrue #playtrue2020

Torch Relay

Filter Pose

"Filter Pose" is the symbol of TRUTH inside you.
With "filter pose", your message is showing that is true.

You can do it yourself.
Or, joint-up together with your friends and you take selfie photo.
Add hashtag (#iplaytrue #playtrue2020) when you post on Instagram!

Instagram Instagram iplaytruetorchrelay
#iplaytrue #playtrue2020

i-PLAY TRUE Torch Relay: Filter Pose image clip

Torch Relay

Relaying action

As if you are relaying a "torch" the passing action as if you are actually passing a torch or relay to another person.
Be creative!

How to do the relaying action is up to you!
Share your action on Instagram or send it to JADA.
Your passing action will be in relaying form in 2020!

Instagram Instagram iplaytruetorchrelay
#iplaytrue #playtrue2020

  • i-PLAY TRUE Torch Relay Introduction



  • PLAY TRUE Torch Relay

    TRUTH messages by the athletes around the world are available here.
    Find out the athletes' true lessons through sport!