"NINJUDGE" Manga Education Movie on Values and Power of Sport

Unite us together in Sport!
Think, discover, and share "the values of sport."

Think, discover and share "the values of sport" through NINJUDGE Manga Education Movie
- for all generation, all regions and countries

☆More to come!
 More on values-based education material, featuring "Real Champion Games", will be coming soon!

  • Is it fair?

    What is the "power of sport"?
    What would happen if the power of sport is in threat?
    What would that situation be?
    Let’s explore and discover in "Play True Games".
    What would you do if you were in there?

  • Find your moment!

    Anyone can find and create your "Real Champion Moment"!?
    What moment derives from athletes, and how will it be relayed?
    And... how about YOUR "moment"?

  • Playing for your best?

    What is "fairness"in sport?
    Does fairness only matter for you?
    Who creates fairness?
    Discover where "fairness"is embraced outside of sporting field!


The activity tool to think and share "what you like about sport" and why "the power of sport" is important.
Use together with MANGA movies to express how you can do to protect and develop the power of sport.



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