Education Package

For all generation, countries and regions.
Education materials that are easy to use.

"Education Package" is composed of the materials
both on the "values of sport" and "anti-doping rules".

Education Package

Manga Movies on Sport Values

Easy to understand, easy to use with MANGA and illustrations.

Ready to Use Education Materials

A wide range of teaching materials that make it easy to teach values of sport and anti-doping rules.

Target-based Lesson Plans

More than 20 lesson plans are available, depending on your target groups,
objectives, methodologies, etc...

Case Examples


  • New Material and Case Example!

    1. New Material: PLAY TRUE Book in Spanish
    2. New Case Example: Community Activity Sessions at Child Friendly Spaces were held in Yemen.

    *See more details on the "Materials" and "Case Examples" page.

  • New Materials, Lesson Plan, Updated Materials, and New Case Examples with Movie!

    1. New Materials: Anti-Doping Rule Poster, PLAY TRUE RELAY Poster
    2. New Ready-to-Use Lesson Plan: Think and Embody Sport Values! ~60 min "New MO!" Activity Session for Youth Athlete and Youth~
    *Comes with PPT Session Slide (with manga movies) and PDF Basic Rule Sheet!
    3. Revised Materials: PLAY TRUE Book (Minor changes), Beginners Guide (Spanish available!)
    *No problem if those materials with the previous versions are used. However, we recommend you to use the updated version where possible.
    4. New Case Example with a short movie: A discussion session titled "Values of Sport Project - Be the Real Champion!" was held. See more details on the "Case Example" page.

  • “Real Champion Education Package” Introduction Movie

    Let's expand your imagination for Values-Based Education.

    We hope you like it!

  • JADA is pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned “Real Champion Education Package” Website!

    1. TOP & Lesson Plans pages: Redesigned the pages
    2. New Material: "New MO!" Rule Introduction Movie
    3. Revised Materials (minor changes)
        - “PLAY TRUE RELAY” Movie
        - "Beginners Guide"

    *If you have the links to download on your account page, you can download the revised data now. Please do not forget to submit the feedback when you utilize them!
    *There is no problem if those materials with the previous versions are used.

  • JADA “Real Champion Education Package” Website has been updated!

    1. Feedback: You can submit feedback from your account page.
    2. New Case Examples: Cases delivered in Singapore and Malaysia are now on the “Case Examples” page!
    3. NEW Materials
        - Real Champion Quiz (You can download the Quiz for all 3 levels at once!)
        - “PLAY TRUE RELAY” Movie (You can use it on its own or use it as a supplementary material. 
          “Truth in Sport, Truth in ME”: relaying the truth message for future!)
        - Anti-Doping Session Slide for Medical & Paramedical Personnel