Education Package

For all generation, countries and regions.
Education materials that are easy to use.

"Education Package" is composed of the materials
both on the "values of sport" and "anti-doping rules".

Education Package

Ready to Use Education Materials

A wide range of teaching materials that make it easy to teach values of sport and anti-doping rules.

Target-based Lesson Plans

More than 20 lesson plans are available, depending on your target groups,
objectives, methodologies, etc...

Case Examples


  • New “MANGA Athletes’ Anti-Doping Rights Act” is now available.

    This MANGA clip makes everyone easily accessible to the Athletes’ Act for protecting themselves from doping, and make appropriate decision for Clean Sport.


  • NEW “Real Champion Quiz (WEB version)” is available

    Everyone can try out this Real Champion Quiz to check their understanding of Anti-Doping Rules based on their values.



    If Educators / Anti-Doping Organization want to see answered results (stored in JADA’s server) for analyzing, please request this Material.

  • NEW “Real Champion Education Package INTRO” Clip

    The new “Real Champion Education Package INTRO” video is now available!

    The new edition of introduction video illustrates the concept of the Education Package and how to use the materials and the lesson plans effectively by using “5W1H strategy”. With the Education Package, you understand how to develop a ‘Real Champion’ through 7 phases of education objectives.

    Please check it out!

  • NEW Materials (Based on Rules) are available, in line with the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code:

      1. PLAY TRUE Guide based on the 2021 Code (Printable, Digital Audio)

      2. MANGA Doping Control Procedure Poster (Printable, Digital Audio)

      3. MANGA Doping Control Procedure Leaflet (A4 size format)

      4. MANGA Doping Control Procedure Anime ( )

      5. Digital Audio Materials brochure (A4 size format)

    *See details on "materials" page ( ).  

     You can request all ORIGINAL data by "Request This Material" button.

  • New Material and Case Example!

    1. New Material: Real Campion Quiz App

    2. New Case Example: “Voices of Athletes” athlete engagement program at the 2019 Pacific Games, Samoa: ONOC-ORADO x PLAY TRUE 2020, JADA Partnership

    *See more details on the "Materials" and "Case Examples" page.