What’s the “Real Champion Education Package”

“Real Champion Education Package" is the Japan's original education materials for both "values and integrity of sport" and "Anti-Doping Education" with the concept of Non-verbal, Easy-to-Use.
Through various materials, an effective education can be delivered to a variety of targets, such as school children, youth, athletes, and athlete support personnel.
In light with the International Standard for Education (ISE) came into force in 2021, the Clean Sport Community can adapt the “Education Package” materials to meet its requirements, for both “Values-Based Education” and “Anti-Doping Education”. “Education Package” materials are able to assist complying its requirements and the principle; “Education First before Testing” in the way of both Anti-Doping Rules and Values of sport.

Point 1

Education materials that visually represent ideas

"Sport values" that are difficult to express with words are explained through MANGA and illustrations.

MANGA Movies
Worksheet with many illustrations

Point 2

Education materials that make it easy to acquire basic knowledge regarding anti-doping

Clean Sport Start-Up Guide
MANGA Doping Control
Procedure Poster

Point 3

Simple to understand. Easy to use. Detailed and specific Lesson Plan

MANGA Doping Control Procedure Poster
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