Values of Sport & My Life"I think through values of sport"

1. To enjoy "New MO!"

2. To think and express the values of sport through "New MO!"

3. To discover what you want to embrace the values of sport

▶ Add if Lesson Plan A (School/Community : Lecture Style) cannot be delivered

4. To express how to reflect the values of sport in daily life

2 Consecutive Session
After this session, continue the second lesson based on Lesson Plan A - Be the Real Champion.

TARGET Children / Students
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN Community Activity
HOW Activity Session
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Time Table
60x2 1 min Introduction 1 Sharing the theme of this session
3 min Introduction 2 Warm up
15-20 min Work 1-A Experience "New MO!"
20 min Work 1-B Think about the rules of sport, and create rules/
discover you can create rules
*10 min (optional) *Add if time is available
15 min Work 2-A Express the good things about sport in own words
1 min Summary
Next Session Consecutive Session based on "Lecture Style_Lesson Plan A"


  • Flag to sign

Other Items Required

  • Items to create "Sumo Ring" (vinyl tape, rope, etc)
  • Bounce ball (Any kind of ball is okay. Bigger is easier to play.)
  • Blackboard/Whiteboard
  • Pens/Markers
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