Sport is FUN!!"I have fun and create our sport"

1. To enjoy sport with all

2. To express the good things about sport in own words
TARGET Children / Students
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN Community Activity
HOW Activity Session
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Time Table
60 1 min Introduction 1 Sharing the theme of this session
3 min Introduction 2 Warm up
15-20 min Work 1-A Experience "New MO!"
20 min Work 1-B Think about the rules of sport, and create rules/ discover you can make rules
*10 min (optional) *Add if time is available
15 min Work 2-A Express the good things about sport in own words
1 min Summary


  • Flag to sign

Other Items Required

  • Items to create "Sumo Ring" (vinyl tape, rope, etc)
  • Bounce ball (Any kind of ball is okay. Bigger is easier to play.)
  • Pens/Markers
  • Blackboard/Whiteboard
  • A large sheet of paper for groupwork
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