Be the Role Model ~discover~"I feel, discover, and express power of sport"

1. To feel the power (good thing) of sport, and can explain it in own words

2. To think about the power (good thing) of sport and share ideas
TARGET Children / Students
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN School
HOW Group Discussion
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Time Table
60-90 1 min Introduction 1 Share the theme of this session
3 min Introduction 2 Have a connection with sport
5-10 min Work 1-A Discover the power of sport
5-10 min Work 1-B Think about the power of sport
10-15 min Work 2-A Think about the connection between the power of sport and daily life
5-10 min Work 2-B Think about the linkage between the power of sport and daily life
1 min Summary


  • Activity Sheet (blank)
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  • Manga Education Movie: "Find your moment"
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