Lesson Plan C – Be the Real Champion"I bring ideas to protect and develop values of sport and reflect them in my own daily life"

1. To think to apply the activities and actions based on various values of sport to one's own daily life

2. To understand various factors influencing sport values, and those factors are related to non-sport factors

3. To have an interest in sport values to be strengthened

4. To Introduce own ideas for actions and activities to protect sport values and compare them with other's opinion to discuss

5. To introduce specific examples to protect sport values and solve the issues in sport presented
TARGET Children / Students
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN School
HOW Face to Face Session
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Time Table
50-60 10 min Introduction 1 Review various sport values learned in the previous lessons
30 min Development A Deepen the understanding of the importance of protecting sport values based on Case C-I
10 min Summary Summarize the relations between protecting sport values and daily life


  • Case Sheet C
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