Think and Embody Sport Values!"I will be the Real Champion"

1. To consider the values of sport through "New MO!" (new sport)
2. To customize and create sport values
3. To express the values of sport in own words

*Need more than 60 mins if there are over 5 groups in a session.
*New MO! Basic Rule Sheet (PDF) & Session Slide (Power Point) comes with this Lesson Plan
*PC and projector/screen are not required but highly recommended

TARGET Youth Athletes
WHAT Values through Sport
WHEN Training Center/Training Camp
Sport Club
Community Activity
HOW Activity Session
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
Time Table
60 0 Pre-session Distribute the New MO!'s Basic Rule Sheet
0 Preparatory period Set room / Make groups of 6-8 people
2 Introduction 1 Introduce an overview of this session
5 Introduction 2 Understand the principles of New MO!
13 Work 1 Understand the basic rules and experience
24 Work 2-A Think and create new rules of New MO! as a group
10 Work 2-B Group presentation - think and find other ideas
5 Work 3 Realize/deepen values of sport and connect them to own sporting behavior(s)
1 Summary


  • "New MO!" Rule Introduction Movie_3 chapters ver.

Other Items Required

  • Pens/Markers
  • A large sheet of paper (for groupwork)
  • Items to create "Sumo Ring" (vinyl tape, rope, etc)
  • Bounce ball (Any kind of ball is okay. Bigger is easier to play.)
  • Post-it
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