"New MO!" Real Champion Challenge: Creating Sport, Creating FairI experience, think, share, and Messages out on the values of sport

1. Think and discover the future of sport and fairness in sport through the activity

2. Through activity, think how athletes can be engaged for the future of sport

3. Send message out for the future of sport (2020 and beyond)
TARGET International & National-Level Athletes
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN Training Center
Sport Club
HOW Activity Session
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Time Table
180 5-10 min Introduction 1 Icebreak (Communication time)
1 min Introduction 2 Sharing the aim of this activity
4 min Introduction 3 Understand the principles of "New MO!"
15-20 min Work 1-A Experience "New MO!"
45-60 min Work 1-B Think about the rules of sport and create original rules
5-10 min Break (optional)
*10 min (Work Optional) *Add if time, role model assigned
3-40 min Work 2-A Express the values of sport
15 min Work 2-B Express the values of sport
3 min Summary
1 min Summary


  • Flag to sign

Other Items Required

  • Items to create "Sumo Ring" (vinyl tape, rope, etc)
  • Bounce ball (Any kind of ball is okay. Bigger is easier to play)
  • Notebook or Note pad
  • Whiteboard/Blackboard
  • Post-it
  • Pens/Markers
  • Additional items (bell, corner corn, rope, eyemask, earplug, stick, etc)
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