Be the Role Model! ~Create your fairness~"I think, discuss, and create fairness as a Real Champion"

1. To discover the relationship between fairness in sport and the society

2. To explain how to act as athlete in the field of play

3. To understand fair behavior which are not necessarily stated in rules but expected to perform on unwritten rule by public

4. Think and take action by connecting self-behavior in sport with society
TARGET Youth Athletes
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN Training Center/Training Camp
HOW Group Discussion
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Time Table
80-90 1 min Introduction 1 Sharing the theme of this session
3 min Work 1-A Discover "Fairness"
1 min Work 1-B Discover "Fairness"
5 min Work 2-A Discover "Fairness"
20-25 min Work 2-B Discuss "Fairness"
15 min Work 2-C Discuss "Fairness"
5-10 min Work 2-D Discover how fairness is perceived
15-20 min Work 3-A Discover how fairness is perceived
5 min Summary


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