Fairness in Me and You"I think about fair"

1. To think about fair and unfair in sport in relation to the Olympic values

2. To understand the fairness affect not only myself but also my opponent
TARGET Youth Athletes
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN Training Center/Training Camp
HOW Group Discussion
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Time Table
60 1 min Introduction Sharing the theme of this session
3 min Work 1-A Understanding the Olympic values
1 min Work 1-B Think about the Olympic values and fair in sport
10 min Work 1-C Think about fair in sport
30 min Work 2-A Think about fair in sport
5 min Work 2-B Deepen the thoughts on fair in sport
1 min Summary


  • 10 Fairness Scene sheet
  • Manga Education Movie: "Playing for your Best?"

Other Items Required

  • A large sheet of paper
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