Lesson Plan A – Be the Real Champion"I discover various values of sport"

1. To show an interest in learning about sport values

2. To discover various values of sport (e.g. Excellence, Friendship, Respect)*and explain what the values are
*Excellence, Friendship, Respect: Three key words that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) publicly identified as values of sport. These are used as examples herein; possible to use other examples our values

3. To understand that sport and society have mutual influences

4. To exchange opinions regarding the interrelation between sport, society and one's own daily life
TARGET Children / Students
WHAT Values of Sport
WHEN School
HOW Face to Face Session
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Time Table
45 10 min Introduction 1 Learn one of the sport values, "Striving for Excellence" through Case A-I, and raise one's interest in sport having various values
15 min Development A Learn "Celebrating Friendship" through Case A-II
15 min Development B Learn "Demonstrating Respect" through Case A-III
10 min Summary Reflect on the sport values learned


  • Case Sheet A
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