About "Find my PLAY TRUE"

The Terms of Use stipulate the rules and regulations for the "Find my PLAY TRUE" program (“Program”) operated by the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (“JADA”) and the Program Secretariat. Before participating in this Program, please read, understand and consent to the Terms of Use. Participation in the Program shall be deemed as consent to the Terms of Use. “Participation” refers to the submission of an application for inclusion in the lottery for Project goods, taking part in the quizzes, and any other participatory action.

The objective of this Program is to enhance knowledge regarding the values of sports (such as fair play and respect for opponents), etc.. JADA may freely change the Terms of Use at any time and may take any necessary action at any time.

■ Change of Contents, etc.
The Program may, without any advance notice, suspend, discontinue, etc., provision of the Program or updating the information of the Program due to reasons such as failure of communication equipment, networks, computers, etc. or JADA's discretion. JADA shall not be liable for any loss, damage, etc., incurred by participants of the Program or third parties due to such events.

■ Copyright, etc.
All rights related to the Program and all contents (information, trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, photos, etc.) published in conjunction with this Program belong to JADA. Any reproduction, revision, lending, distribution, public transmission (including via a network) and use for other purpose of all or a portion of the contents published in conjunction with this Program are prohibited without JADA’s consent.

■ Disclaimer
JADA makes no warranty or representation about the contents of the information (the accuracy, purposiveness, usefulness, benefit or reliability, etc.). JADA shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by participants due to participation in the Program or due to actions taken by participants using t information, data, etc. of the Program, nor for any loss or damage incurred by a third party due to such actions by participants.

■ Participation
Participation in the application of a lottery for prizes can be made when a participant answers correctly to all five questions posed every month in the quiz. There shall be two courses containing five questions each that shall be available for participation each month. When making an application for participation in the lottery, applicants must provide their e-mail address and name (or nickname). Notification of lottery results to the winner shall be made to the provided e-mail address. After receiving the notification, the winner shall, by responding to the notification by e-mail, provide the address to which goods will be sent. In case no address is provided by the winner even after the passage of a certain period, the winning results shall be invalidated.

■ Prizes
Prizes are decided by the Program Secretariat. It is planned that prizes be such goods as related to the athlete participated in the “PLAY TRUE Torch Relay” or the sport as well as items related to JADA and PLAY TRUE.

■ Notification of Winners and Delivery of Prizes
- Individual inquiries regarding winners of the lottery shall not be accepted.
- Winners cannot transfer their rights to other parties or exchange the right for cash.
- Winners shall be notified by the Program Secretariat ( at the e-mail address registered when making an application to participate in the goods lottery, with the notification also including information related to goods shipment. (Please make sure that your e-mail settings do not block e-mail from
- After receiving a notification, winners should send a reply message providing the necessary information. There may be cases in which the winner cannot receive the goods if the information they provide is incorrect or incomplete.

■ Handling of Personal Information
The e-mail address and name (or nickname) shall only be used to notify winners and shall be handled carefully in accordance with the basic policy on the protection of personal information established by JADA.
The name, address and other personal information obtained from winners shall be used for the delivery of goods and shall be handled carefully in accordance with the basic policy on the protection of personal information established by JADA.

  • JADA: Japan Anti-Doping Agency
  • スポーツ庁
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  • JAPAN SPORT council 日本スポーツ振興センター
  • TIAS Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies
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  • iNADO international group for National Anti-Doping Organisations